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"As a fan of slim 'n' stacked beauties, SCORE has just hit the jackpot with Princess Pumpkins!" Dannyk83 commented." Not since the legendary Crystal Gunns has a SCORE Girl left me literally speechless! Regardless of what happens between now and the end of the year, I just found my pick for Newcomer of the Year!" Considering all of the amazing girls who have appeared at SCORELAND since Crystal, that's super-high praise for this super Barbie-style living doll, a fantasy girl straight out of an Otis Sweat painting. SCORELAND: Have you heard of Beshine? Princess: Yes. I've seen pictures of her. A lot of her fans follow me also, so we're kind of connected like that. She shares some of my stuff that she likes. SCORELAND: Who's bustier? Princess: She's probably bustier than me. SCORELAND: Do you aspire to be as busty as Beshine? Princess: No. I really like the way I look now. It's the biggest you can go in the U.S., and I'm comfortable with the way I look. This is the look I wanted in the beginning. I like the big, round, fake-looking, bolted-on look of boobs. SCORELAND: I'm not getting the bolted-on look from you. Princess: Yeah, it's hard for me to get that actual bolted-on look because I was naturally busty. SCORELAND: That bolted-on look comes when a woman isn't naturally busty.
Featuring: Princess Pumpkins
Date: May 13th, 2017
Duration: 16:29

Member Comments

7 months ago 
The woman from every man's dream is right here! - More of stunning Princess !
9 months ago 
Why can not I see you all? With legs, socks and shoes? Front, profile and back as you move your ass walking or climbing the stairs; DO NOT SEE YOU !!! If you put a tie, a red flower on your hair, black gloves and glasses, you would be much, much SEXY !!!! Do not laugh! She speaks as she shows you in a sexy pose and porches with her open thighs and legs up ... and shows her tongue with a pig face
12 months ago 
princess is beautiful more please
1 year ago 
Oh Princess, You are so red hot exotic sexy with those amazing big boobs that I truly wish I could make love to and kiss and suck on that you have made my virgin dick so rock solid steel throbbing hard that I want to eat out that delicious sweet wet pink pussy and fuck you so hard that you will scream with extacy and give you the pleasure you deserve for giving my cock so much intense pleasure. I truly hope you will do a lot more video's and cum back real soon and often.
1 year ago 
The way Princess Pumpkins can flex her ginormous boobs really gets me going! I could watch it for hours!

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Ready for a stiff one? Every day is a holiday if Princess Pumpkins is behind the bar. You'll be boob-drunk before you know it. "I started webcamming when I was 19, and I was a little iffy on it," Princess said. "I went back and forth between food service and camming, then I finally decided, 'I'm going to cam. I'm good at it, so why not?'" So what does Princess like to do most on any free night, away from the webcam? "If I'm in a relaxed mood I'll just want to invite some friends over, hang out, play some video games, and just chill. However, if I'm feeling frisky, the girls and I will get all dolled up, hit the town and see how many guys' eyeballs pop out of their head while I try to keep my tits contained in a dress." How many drinks will those boob-drunk customers try to buy for Princess when she does that? It can't be calculated. SCORELAND: Do you like to club or bar hop? Princess: I like to dance so clubs are more my scene. SCORELAND: That must be the greatest sight in the world. If you drink, what are some of your favorites? Princess: I'm a girly-girl so anything brightly colored with an umbrella in it usually does the trick. SCORELAND: What do you like to do or where do you like to go on vacation? Princess: I like to go anywhere I don't have to be very covered up. It's a lot easier to get away with a skimpy bikini at the beach then it is at a theme park! SCORELAND: What is your personal theme song? Princess: Not Fucking Around by Big D and the Kids Table.
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