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"It's impossible not to be friendly and happy around Patty Michova," our photographer declared. "She's just a doll." "I like a man who is not a chaser," said Patty with the assistance of a translator. "I like a guy who is a little bit of a challenge. But there should be an unspoken connection between us first before anything else. I like romantic dates but not too romantic. "Maybe we go dancing or have dinner. If there's going to be sex, it depends on how everything is going. It could be the second date, or the third or the fourth. It depends on how I feel our connection is working out." If Patty doesn't have a guy and she's feeling horny, masturbation is always an option. And when she cums, she's a screamer, as this scene shows.
Featuring: Patty Michova
Date: November 20th, 2016
Duration: 15:28

Member Comments

4 days ago 
So very sexy. The blue top she is wearing in this scene frames her assets perfectly.
1 year ago 
very pretty and sexy model....Love her look, especially those delicious kissable lips, lovely eyes and hair...I have to say I am a huge fan of leggy babes pulling those gams way back and spreading that gorgeous pussy and then taking care of that luscious box ......or as the text states, going down that wonderful stream of pink canoe paddling...yummy foxy Euro babe.

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