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Because you asked to see Paige Turner again and again, the super-voluptuous sexbomb is back to charm the pants off ya. The first word to pop into our heads when we saw Paige at this shoot was "WOW!" Bartenders get to see a lot of women and many of them are busty babes. Possibly a few might have boobs that come close to Paige's twin peaks. This bartender gets to hold more than drink cups. He gets the rare opportunity to hold Paige's cups, breasts that are homegrown and truly amazing. Paige wears a low-cut, curve-hugging dress and heels. She's dolled-up to meet a dude she connected with online. Her huge tits are resting on the top of the bar. Her bartender is trying to play it cool. After waiting at the hotel's bar for a long time, she phones the no-show date and tells him to lose her number.
Featuring: Paige Turner and Donnie Rock
Date: November 10th, 2017
Duration: 22:45

Member Comments

4 months ago 
BEst jack off i ever had. Need to get my sperm into paige and taste those gorgeous breasts!
5 months ago 
She has the perfect body. I could stare at her forever
5 months ago 
Wish I was that Bartender
Another Amazing scene with one of my Favorite Voluptuous Vixens
Love the Tit-fucking
5 months ago 
I love to see Paige getting fucked. Her hot curvy body turns me on so much.
5 months ago 
Paige is so off the charts hot in this scene!! Gorgeous and sexy as hell. Yes, more and more please!
5 months ago 
Keep giving us more of Paige...PLEASE!!
5 months ago 
Once again I want to thank Paige for another hot, sexy scene to enjoy. Paige, you are beautiful, have the perfect figure and to be able to fuck you would be heaven. So thanks again Paige. I hope there will be many more new scenes to get my motor running.
5 months ago 
Oh yes, so glad that Paige Turner is back. I absolutely love her curves and her sexy voice. Her chest is motorboat heaven.

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