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When Paige Turner goes out, whatever she wears can't hide her natural assets. "I try to cover up as much as possible," said Paige, a former exotic dancer and the biggest-breasted girl in the club she performed in and possibly the entire state of California. There's a lot of reasons why Paige Turner is rated so highly. She's got a sizzlin' hot, voluptuous body. She has killer tits topped by long nipples that she can suck. Her sex drive breaks the horny meter. She's power-packed in either tit 'n' pussy play scenes or hardcore. Even at the end of her threesomes with two men, she's still horny. Nothing seems to cool her sexual jets. And to top it all off, she genuinely has fun in her shoots.
Featuring: Paige Turner
Date: July 30th, 2017
Duration: 08:37

Member Comments

7 months ago 
I love her fat titties and thick nipples!
8 months ago 
Pagie Turner had me cumming in the first minutes of this video with the dirty talk! I would love to put my dick between those big tits as she suggest in this video. I was grabbing/jerking my dick liked she asked in this video. I would worship Pagie Turner tits! I love her hard nipples. I would like to see more of Pagie Turner in solo action with lots of dirty talk and in hardcore action. I love this girl sex drive.
10 months ago 
It's not all about you bro,
some of us prefer solo scenes more than the HC scenes, which includes me.
love worshipping the curves of these wonderful ladies
me personaly I would love to see many many many more oily boob scenes, but not everyone else does.
There's lots of gonzo sites out there for you, and have you considered that the models might not want to do HC?
10 months ago 
Gets my vote for best nipples on the whole damn site.
10 months ago 
Great tits! I would like hairy pussy in Paige Turner.
10 months ago 
this super honey always delivers rockstar shit and she oozes raw hot....the vid really picks up speed at 648 with a killer pussy show and then goes for the valley show that i love at 740....she is such a turn on with all that dynamite beauty and curves, I can't babe...I love her work for sure....NorCal digs it all the way beautiful!!!
10 months ago 
Wow, I love this woman. Paige Turner again blows my mind with her sensual nature. She knows exactly what to say and do to the camera. I can watch her all day long, she is stunning.

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