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Professor Sandra & Her Star Pupil

Featuring: Sandra Star and Nick Vargas
Date: October 6th, 2017
Duration: 13:29
Hot teachers seducing their students makes for big news headlines these days. What's fueling this? Beats us. None of these horny educators have a rack like Sandra Star has. This punk learns that Professor Sandra Star is no one to fuck around with. Fuck, yes. Fuck around with, no. She stops Nick in the hallway, furiously grabs him by the shirt and literally throws him into an empty classroom. Slamming her books down, the black-booted, eyeglass-wearing Sandra sizes up her prey. Dressed in a low-cut black outfit, Sandra's big tits bulge in her 32KK bra cups. Sizing-up this punk, Sandra decides he'll do for now and shoves his face into her boobs.

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October 06, 2017
Sandra Star has one of the greatest sets of knockers known to man. So why didn't she take off that white top to show them off better?

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