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Another totally great find is Natasha Sweet. Natasha lives in Italy and is a complete knockout from head to toe. She reminds us of a European movie star except no European movie star has tits as big as Natasha's. Voluptuous editor Dave observed about Natasha, "There are many indications that a girl loves to fuck, but one of the surest is when she has a tattoo on her pussy area." Natasha has a butterfly above her pussy. Natasha is one of few who licks and sucks her own tits while a guy is getting busy on top of her. That's a very erotic sight, much sexier than seeing the dude sucking her nipples. A girl's got to have some mighty big ones to do that and it's something that only naturals can really master. Natasha's goal is to have a big house in Italy. We love a girl with a plan. .
Featuring: Natasha Sweet
Date: December 25th, 2016
Duration: 19:10

Member Comments

1 year ago 
fucking the leg spread pussy pound.....she is epic in her camera energy dynamism...keep going babe
1 year ago 
cock drain
1 year ago 
Oh Natasha, you are so beautiful and so red hot exotic sensual sexy that with that most amazing body especially those wonderful huge fun bags breast that seeing this video it is so hard to believe that a hot classy lady could bhe built so natural that you have made my limp dick so rock solid steel horny dick so hard that when you inserted thst lif size clear dildo in that delicious sweet pinl wet slick honey tast love box tunnel that you made my ball erupt through my throbbing love tubr cock and my love juices spery came blowing out all over the floor. and keeping those cum hither fuck me shoes on only added to the intense pleasure in my dick. you are really great at what you are doing to give my cock so much sexual pleasure. please do a lot more video's like this one and cum back real soon and often. Please, Please
1 year ago 
this women is so hot

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