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When it came time to plan the guest model list for this new Mexican hayride, Natalie Fiore's name was one of the first to be brought up. Prior to the planning stage of the trip, we learned that Natalie had once again experienced another spurt of tit-growth. Now her boobs are more massive than ever. They're huge! Compare and see. Will her breast expansion ever end? We hope it doesn't. "I don't know why they keep growing," says Natalie. "They just keep growing. I don't know why. Hormones? Maybe God wants me to have big boobs. They're still firm and straight without a bra." Micky Bells offers the suggestion that eating lots of chicken is the cause of Natalie's breast spurt.
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: August 23rd, 2011
Duration: 14:20

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Eres hermosa, tu es magnifique, you are gorgeous,
4 years ago 
5 years ago 
Darling Natalie...what amazing tits and pancake size areola you the monokini and the way you caress your enormous breats...thank you so much...
5 years ago 
Natalie will always be my fantasy!!!
5 years ago 
Natalie keeps getting better.
6 years ago 
Goddess Natalie is a pretty picture in and out of her monokini to say the least. I love these kinds of skimpy outfits on gorgeous bodies like Natalie's!
6 years ago 
We want MORE and MORE and MORE and MORE Natalie!
6 years ago 
Natalie is so fucking HOT in this clip...just amazing. She has major sex appeal and she is super beautiful and glamorous. Her camera presence is fantastic and she is sassy with a wealth of personality. A dream girl to die for that I'd give my right arm to have a shot at throwing my wiley charms her way. I love you Natalie you fucking hot as shit fox!
6 years ago 
ya'll know ya wanna suckle on dem
6 years ago 
Keep on eating that chicken!!!!!!

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