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Natalie Fiore: Naughty in Nassau

Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: February 8th, 2009
Duration: 13:09
Natalie, whose birthday is February 10th, arrives in Nassau. It's cloudy and rainy but who cares? Natalie is the main attraction, not the weather. Natalie gets into her birthday suit in the back seat of the auto taking her to the house she'll be staying in. The way she says the word "teets" and the sheer size of those "teets" has already prepared everyone to fall in love. Natalie has an interesting personality too. She's coy, bold, teasing, assertive, shy, daring and brazen, all in one sophisticated mix. "Those breasts of hers really are a breast lover's dream," says Dan, SCORE Man. .

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