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Welcome to the Jiggly Room

Featuring: Nancy Navarro
Date: February 21st, 2012
Duration: 18:52
Welcome To The Jiggly Room. Nancy Navarro is your hostess with the boobness. Nancy creates havoc wherever she goes and whatever she does. The social impact of a big-chested girl must never be underestimated. "If I go to work and I don't want to wear a bra, I just wear a tank top and a shirt over it so they don't move that much and to sort of camouflage that I don't have a bra on. But if I'm going to do the laundry or going to the supermarket, I won't wear a bra. When the UPS guy comes and I'll be in a tank top and booty shorts, he'll stare at me saying, 'Can you sign here?' It's so funny." Nancy is a huge Yankees fan and likes going to Yankee Stadium. "When I go to a Yankee game I'll wear a really low-cut Yankees shirt. I definitely do when I go to Yankee Stadium. I like the fact that the guys in my section forget the game and they're just staring at me.

What Members are saying about this update...

July 15, 2013
What a cutie! Definitely need to see more of her. Hope she
shows her pussy next time. Don't be afraid of it Nancy - we
all love you!
February 22, 2012
Wow. She is amazing. Perfect tits, nice attitude and sexy body. Good job with this one.

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