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Score: Do men ask you questions about your boobs? Morgan: Yes, lots of questions. How big are they? Can they feel them? They get me scads of attention. Score: What's it like going through airports? Morgan: I try not to get noticed too much when I travel. I have enough to deal with because I have a fear of flying. But, yes, I get searched a lot, usually by women, though! Score: Have you travelled to any foreign countries? How did the men react? Morgan: I have been all over the world. Every man usually reacts the same: staring, talking, elbowing his friends, the usual "man think." Score: What SCORE model do you think you would like to pose with the most? Morgan: Having modeled with both Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek at the Adult Video Expo in Las Vegas in 2007, I would love to pose with both of them again, but also it would be fun to do something with one of the girls from the Boob Cruise in 2000, if they remembered me. Score: We know they all do, wherever they are. Has having big boobs speeded up your life in everyday matters? Morgan: Big boobs have many advantages, too many to mention, but, yes, going to a bar, or having dinner in a restaurant are fine examples of how big boobs speed things up. My boobs are so big, I can knock people aside. That helps too! I call them my line crashers! .
Featuring: Morgan Leigh
Date: March 2nd, 2008
Duration: 13:46

Member Comments

3 years ago 
gutted she retired
4 years ago 
Scoreland, I beg you - Please more Morgan Leigh, she is what we need more of lately!
6 years ago 
Morgan Leigh is absolutely Extraordinary. She is the most attractive, compelling,
sensual and desireable woman on the web. She deserves her own site, and MUCH
MORE FREQUENT appearances on Scoreland.
6 years ago 
Love the part where she is on her back about to cum. I'd love to stand over her
and jerk off all over those beautiful big boobs!
7 years ago 
What is it about Morgan? I love her huge tits and ultra slim
body, plus her girlie ways, but I am a natural big boob fan, I
shouldn't like Morgan, but I fucking do!!! I get a huge boner
every time I boot up one of her movies!!

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Jackumentary: Morgan Leigh
SCORELAND honors Morgan Leigh, a slinky blonde British girl from Edinburgh who took to the SCORE way during Boob Cruise 2000 where she was a passenger. So inspired by the models she met, Morgan decided to become a SCORE covergirl herself and accomplished her goal and more. We look back at now-retired Morgan's activities in this special video such as her SCOREtv appearance, her only Tits & Tugs, her various videos, trying on tops with Summer Sinn, her chats and more. It would take a seven hour mini-series to include everything this popular and bubbly Scot did. "The Boob Cruise changed my life quite literally. I gave up a career in the food industry and became a model and a dancer. I did a lot of modeling in Europe both professionally and for amateur photographers before I reconnected with SCORE. I danced in a number of clubs in the UK also. Being in SCORE was a goal since 'I saw the light' on the Cruise." "People are fascinated about my boobs. They are quite a talking point with a lot of people. They have also given me loads of opportunities. The main thing is they are perfect and the way I wanted them. I love them. They're big and very round, giving me the Barbie figure I want." "Having been a spokesmodel with both Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek at the SCORE exhibit in Las Vegas in 2007 during the Adult Video Expo, I would have loved to pose with both of them again. It would have also been fun to have done something with one of the models from the Boob Cruise, if they remembered me." "I loved playing with myself on-camera. I loved going out on-location. I loved people watching me. It gives me an extra thrill to know that I'm being watched. I think every model has to be a little bit of an exhibitionist. We're showing off our bodies for the entire world to see! That takes courage! So all I can say to the guys at home is encourage the girls, don't discourage them."
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