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The fourth chapter of the DVD Leanne's Stacked Summer opens with sexy Brit Michelle Bond, looking bustier than ever. Her 34H whoppers spill over her bikini top as she walks to the swimming pool. Only the miracle of space-age fabric keeps her straps from ripping in half and releasing their heavy load of bikini meat. Total immersion in water and oil is Michelle's plan. She enters the water, pulls aside her bikini cups and bends forward from the hips, swinging her glorious globes like bell clappers in the water. Now for the baby oil treatment. Michelle emerges from the pool, readjusts her bikini top, one of those little moves a tit-man appreciates, and squirts her bottle of oil over her swaying tits. Her beautiful body glistens in the sun as the oil drips down coating her skin. Michelle takes off her bikini and reveals the magnificent female form that sculptors and painters have dedicated their lives to for centuries. She finds a place on the staircase to enjoy herself.
Featuring: Michelle Bond
Date: May 27th, 2011
Duration: 26:30

Member Comments

5 months ago 
I just want to say here that I was mesmerized by the dancing scene!!! So many women completely grab and SQUEEZE their breasts, so much that we cannot see the natural HEAVEN shape of a woman's BREASTS when they move and sway!!! Like when a woman COMPLETELY touches her pussy to death, and rubs and covers it, sometimes we just NEED to see a woman SPREAD her legs open wide and offer her pussy, let us SEE it, don't cover it up!!! I am head over HEALS in love with Leanne!!! I LOVE Score, you find the most perfect women that belong in the Guinness book of records as the most perfect women on earth!!! :)
5 months ago 
Michelle you make me ACHE like ai hve never ached for a woman, yout tits are HUGE & HEAVEN on earth, your pussy masturbation is PARADISE on EARTH!!! :)
2 years ago 
Michelle is so pretty, so sexy. I love her hot curves and beautiful face.
6 years ago 
Oh yes, what a beautiful busty lovely girl, so nice !
6 years ago 
Absolute Goddess! Michelle looks better than ever. What a gorgeous pair of tits!
6 years ago 
I love this girl - her eyes, her face, her complexion, her smile and those wonderful big boobs. Every movie I see of her is priceless. Simply amazing, so much pleasure in one human being.

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