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Marie Leone is a newcomer to SCORE with an incredible body. Marie is spectacular and has a pretty face atop all of that magnificence. She wears a tank top and denim shorts in this hardcore scene. Marie works in an auto shop back home. She got into cars because of her sister. The auto customers must go nuts when they see her cup-holders. Marie says she doesn't wear at work what she wears in this scene. Maybe it's better that way. "I started to develop when I was 14 but before then, I was extremely flat-chested and skinny. By the time I got to 8th grade, I was even bigger than the teacher," says Marie matter-of-factly in her baby-doll voice.
Featuring: Marie Leone and Tony Rubino
Date: December 6th, 2013
Duration: 36:01

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Certainly her breasts but also Marie's hair, eyes, voice and smile combined with her luscious body just makes me drool. How special. Marie can give me a tune up any time.
4 years ago 
This is a fine sista, lover her.
4 years ago 
Wow, what a dreamgirl! Want to see lots more...
4 years ago 
This scene is great. Beautiful girl with terrific tits and a
great cumshot.
4 years ago 
Very Hot!! Huge Tits Huge Cumshot!!

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