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Things are heating up here during "Maggie Green Week." Today we're on-location at a beautiful Miami Beach house that has-get this-a stripper's pole in the middle of the kitchen. Why? Why ask why? Maggie didn't. She just jumped on and rode it for a while, giving us a show that has never been seen before. That's because, unlike so many adult models, Maggie has never been an exotic dancer. "Although one year during spring break from college, I paid for the entire trip by winning wet T-shirt contests," Maggie said. "I must've won three or four of them. Every time I showed up for one, the other girls would take one look at my chest, and I could see what they were thinking: We have no chance against those!'" We think that Maggie won those contests because she's a good dancer'yeah, right. "I was a cheerleader for six years and did tap and jazz dance," she said. And while she was at it, she grew giant hooters, too. We all know that a kitchen (even one with a stripper's pole) is no place for a girl like Maggie to spend her entire day.
Featuring: Maggie Green
Date: April 2nd, 2009
Duration: 11:21

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Maggie Green - XXX Big Tits video
Mar 23
Maggie Green
  21:50 Mins.
Cum On Maggie
Here cums Maggie Green, looking hot and bothered in her sexy red lingerie. Eye-banging the camera, she asks if you like watching her play with her "big, fucking titties." Maggie's hands move down to her pussy to rub the lips. "And what about these crotchless panties? Does it get your cock hard to watch me rub my fucking pussy? Do you want to watch me get fucked by a nice, huge, fucking cock? You know you do." What a dirty mouth. She's great. Maggie lays back on the bed. JMac is eager to fuck the big-titted blonde again. He was the third guy at SCORELAND to lay the pipe to Maggie in "Who's The Boss?" Maggie eye-bangs him too, puts her shoe on his junk. Teases him. The teasing ends soon. JMac will be splitting her pussy lips apart and plunging into her pink hole. But first, some head games for Maggie. JMac tongues her lickety split sending tingles throughout her sexy body. After sucking Maggie's nipples, JMac wants her lips locked on his cock. She sucks it hard, spit drooling out of her mouth. She tries to deep-throat him all the way but it's too big. She gags, then takes his prick in her hand and jacks him. Next, JMac accepts Maggie's invitation to bone her boobs and he tit-fucks her hard and fast, holding her arms to keep her close to him. Maggie climbs into bed and gets on her back. The crotchless panties make it easy access for his cock. JMac spreads her legs, sticks his tool all the way in and rams her in a power fuck, thrusting like a machine, merciless and deep. At one point, he picks her up off the bed and fucks her standing up as she holds on. It's epic sex.
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