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A Kitchen, A Stripper's Pole And Maggie...

Featuring: Maggie Green
Date: April 2nd, 2009
Duration: 11:21
Things are heating up here during "Maggie Green Week." Today we're on-location at a beautiful Miami Beach house that has-get this-a stripper's pole in the middle of the kitchen. Why? Why ask why? Maggie didn't. She just jumped on and rode it for a while, giving us a show that has never been seen before. That's because, unlike so many adult models, Maggie has never been an exotic dancer. "Although one year during spring break from college, I paid for the entire trip by winning wet T-shirt contests," Maggie said. "I must've won three or four of them. Every time I showed up for one, the other girls would take one look at my chest, and I could see what they were thinking: We have no chance against those!'" We think that Maggie won those contests because she's a good dancer'yeah, right. "I was a cheerleader for six years and did tap and jazz dance," she said. And while she was at it, she grew giant hooters, too. We all know that a kitchen (even one with a stripper's pole) is no place for a girl like Maggie to spend her entire day.

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