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London Andrews In Tits On Top

Featuring London Andrews
Date April 12th, 2009
Duration 22:45
London Andrews! She's an awesome girl, gorgeous, stacked and succulent. Like the best Voluptuous Girls, she's a great "model," yet everything about her has those girl-next-door qualities. She's done only a few full-sex videos for SCORE. (And none, it seems, for anyone else.) This is the best and the hottest of all of them. It's like you were wearing a P.O.V. helmet cam. In Tits On Top, London beckons you closer. What man could resist her? She wants you to spray her with oil and hands you the bottle. Her tits glisten and shine. "Give them a squeeze," London cheerfully asks you.

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January 29, 2011
Please make more videos with London Andrews! She is one of my all-time favorites!

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