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The great Lisa Lipps talks to her sex partners about what they like before they get going on-camera. "I like to ask questions. 'Do you like your cock stroked?' 'Do you like a lot of pressure, a little bit of pressure?' 'Do you like tongue movement?' 'Do you like deep-throating?' 'Do you like it when I go all the way down?' Some guys are more sensitive than others, and it just all depends on the guy. This way I can say, 'Okay, do you like your balls licked?' 'Do you like hard stroking, or do you like soft stroking?' 'Would you rather I just use my mouth to suck the cum out of your cock?' In this scene from the SCORE Classic movie Tit Attack, Lisa is being photographed by Jean for a series of hot lingerie photos. Lisa's Amazonian body and big boobs work their magic on Jean and he has to get hands-on. These photographers can't control themselves. He fondles and sucks Lisa's huge tits and she pulls his cock out to slurp on. After tit-fucking Lisa on the bed, they need to fuck. The blonde goddess spreads her legs wide for her first injection of hot beef. They move on to other horny positions out of a sexology book before he fills her mouth with a load of cum.
Featuring: Lisa Lipps and Jean Val Jean
Date: January 29th, 2014
Duration: 27:04

Member Comments

3 years ago 
bring her back!!
3 years ago 
this girl is simply gorgeous...thanks for this scene, SCORE!
3 years ago 
this vignette is a show is LL classic in all its glory...she electrifies the scene as usual and the whole segment fits in the "I wish..." category of anyone with a pulse...for huge tit guys, the scene, and LL, are part of the cadre that make up the cannon...she's and OG who lead the way...timeless, hot as fuck and as sexy and beautiful as ever...thanks LL
3 years ago 
Love those fucking tits!!
3 years ago 
Epic cum shot. Just a perfect scene all around. Lucky bastard.
4 years ago 
Omg....perfect, young stud into massive tits gets his dream come true! How we have dreamt the same thing.
4 years ago 
After watching that video I just had to rub one off oh my ahhhhhh!!!!!
4 years ago 
Lisa Lipps another favorite of mine Looks gorgeous Huge TiTS LOVE her Videos.
4 years ago 
I remember her golden age in the '90s, a true legend of big boobs implants!

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