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SCORE Theater

Duration: 23:00
Linsey's won SCORE's Model of the Year 2004 contest. Finally! The July '05 SCORE is dedicated to her. SCORE Theater presents two Linsey videos as a 23 minute double feature. In video one, contest winner Linsey finds a quiet place to play with her award-winning body before she's called off for an after-party. In video 2, Linsey slaps her pair together making that special sound only breastflesh can make and creams herself all over, then finds that stress-busting is only a few strokes away. "Even if Linsey hadn't made her cock-hardening DVD this year I'd still have voted for her despite the STIFF competition," writes GM. "Last year was a travesty when she didn't win. In my opinion, she has been the number one model for so many years, from her gorgeous body to her fun personality and presenting skills, she deserves to be recognised as the greatest natural ever by finally winning the Model of the Year contest." .

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