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Beach Busties

Date: November 30th, 2015
Duration: 29:55
A SCORE Classic from the deep vaults, this is rare footage of Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Sammie Black, Jessica Turner, Chloe and Lorna Morgan in the Caribbean. They play on the beach, in the sea and aboard a ship. The biggest-breasted babe of them all is now-legendary Sammie Black, who has gigantic tits on a slim body. She and Linsey spend a few minutes in the surf before Linsey takes off, leaving Sammie to find different spots on the island before returning to the ship. The second part is all Linsey, underwater, on the beach and on the ship, doing what she does best: driving guys out of their fucking minds.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 23, 2016
There is a crew of OG models that set the standard and made me a loyal and devoted TSG man....Linsey is arguably the CEO of that illustrious long and prosper uber hottie LDM
November 30, 2015
Thanks for reminding us just what a gorgeous young babe Linsey was! Fantastic body, lovely face and the most amazing breasts you will ever see on such a young girl! A true legend in the world of big-boob modelling.

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