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A Chestful of Surprises

Featuring: Lillian Faye
Date: December 26th, 2009
Duration: 9:57
This SCORE Theater video is the counterpart to Lillian Faye's Holiday '09 pictorial and gives you Lillian against a seamless backdrop, all the better to scrutinize every inch of her slim-n-sleek body without obstructions like coffee tables. You won't catch Lillian in any naturist camps back home in Seattle but when she goes to a pool or to a beach, she's more likely to wear a string bikini than a one piece. She likes to flaunt her bod. And on a warm day, she'll wear shorts and a tight tank-top, because as she admits, "I like to catch guys looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. One time, a guy and a girl walked past me, and his head turned to stare at me. I saw that his girl yelled at him about that and she really gave it to him. I thought she was going to hit him! I'm sorry when that happens but part of me kinda likes it!" A girl after our own hearts! Well said! .

What Members are saying about this update...

October 19, 2016
Sweet dreams Lillian. I know I will have thrm
February 07, 2010
Lillian, you have such an open,friendly nature and lovely smile. I really enjoyed your video ... outstanding figure and great job !

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