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If the world had more bartenders with boobs the size that Leanne Crow has, there would be more alcoholics but they would be happy alcoholics. Leanne is about to make a Margarita in the kitchen. Let us follow her cocktail mixing step by step. Leanne fills a glass with ice. Now for the booze. Leanne pours by eye not by shot glass. That's quite a dose of tequila. Now she cuts a lime and squeezes the juice into the glass. She's about to pour that into the blender. It doesn't work.
Featuring: Leanne Crow
Date: December 24th, 2013
Duration: 16:08

Member Comments

4 years ago 
if i was the guy leanne talked to and offered a drink, id say "i already know what my drink is it's already made." and then id suck her tits!
4 years ago 
wonderfull body
4 years ago 
I Love to meet a bartender like that I be going to wherever she works at every day to get
a drink and just look at her.
4 years ago 
Leanne has awesome body with girl next door face. Her tits are wonderfully but
naturally HUGE!
4 years ago 
Roberto, I totally agree with you. She is the best model to come out of England since LDM. Though, personally I prefer Leanne over Linsey. A chick doesn't have to do it ALL for me. Her beauty and sexiness does it for me. Her tits are incredible and no one does a hands free, sustained shake like Leanne. No One.
4 years ago 
I am a long time SCORELAND member and I'm back in SCORELAND, the best website ever after 3 years of absence! and many time without posting a comment! and it's cool that my first comment after long time be about the super incredible LEANNE CROW, she made her appearance a few months after I had to leave from SCORELAND 3 years ago, but I've been a great follower of her since the first time I saw her and it's great to see that SCORE has great content of her like this video. Maybe the Score editors do not remember but in the past I wrote severals comments and letters that were published as much in SCORE mag as on SCORELAND in which I talked about LINSEY DAWN MCKENZIE as my all time favorite big tit model (and I think I'm not the only one) and once I said that there would NEVER be another like Linsey, and for many years, people were looking for the new LDM, many models appeared through the years, with beautiful faces, great bodies, and wonderful big natural tits, but none like Linsey, and I think everybody (myself included) thought that it was impossible that other girl like Linsey should appear, no matter what. And when I first saw the super LEANNE CROW, something told me that I was finally watching after many years of search, to the undeniable substitute of LINSEY, because LEANNE is not only as beautiful as LINSEY was to that age, but Leanne has the same charisma that Linsey, she likes to play and joke to the camera the same way Linsey used to do, the same great smile that captivates anyone, both are english birds with a seductive accent, both were 3-page girls and if we talk about those jugs, only Leanne has them as big and beautiful like Linsey's ones, the only difference between these two legends is that Leanne doesn't even show bush, and Linsey even did a threesome hc scene, that's what makes Linsey to be 2 steps forward from Leanne and on the other hand, Leanne likes to jiggle and shake those big natural bristols moving them left to right, rigth to left and up and down, down and up, somethig Linsey didn't do as often as we wished, but for the rest, for me, Leanne Crow is the Linsey Dawn McKenzie of this decade and the incoming ones, and the second best big tit model ever from the UK only after Linsey, and one of the all time bests to the same level of others like CHLOE VEVRIER, NADINE JANSEN, VIA PAXTON and LORNA MORGAN. Definitely, LEANNE is already a legend, and the same way we all agree that there only is one LDM in a few years, we'll be saying the same about SUPER LEANNE CROW "the new LDM", it's a pity that thinking about an encounter between the Linsey we used to know and Leanne it's impossible, but Leanne is now (and since 2 years ago) my second favorite big tit model ever only after you know who. LONG LIFE TO QUEEN LINSEY AND THE CROWN PRINCESS LEANNE!!! Best regards from PUEBLA city, MEXICO.

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