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No. 9: Leanne Crow

Featuring Leanne Crow
Date June 19th, 2012
Duration 02:25
In the 1990s, we flew banners over beaches to find SCORE Girls. In the 21st century, finding busty models has become more tech-based as we search the Internet and find girls through online modeling sites and social networks. But one thing hasn't changed: There are still many girls (like Linsey Dawn McKenzie in the 1990s) who make the journey from the British tabloid newspapers to the print pages of SCORE and virtual print pages of SCORELAND. Leanne, a former Page 3 Girl for The Sun, is one of them..and one of the best. Born in Sunderland, England, Leanne was working as a beauty therapist when SCORE called her up to the major leagues of boobs. She made her debut in a big way when we flew her from England to St. Maarten to shoot her very own DVD, Leanne's Stacked Summer. There aren't many girls who have had exclusive full-length DVDs devoted to them in their first shoot (not coincidentally, many of them made it onto the "20 for 20" list). Her second shoot was also a big event: On Location Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. So, despite having done only two SCORE shoots, Leanne busted into the Top 10 (and also made the magazine readers' "20 for 20").

What Members are saying about this update...

Farmer John
January 30, 2013
Although her beauty is definitely iconoclastic it is not ubiquitous. She is a delightful woman who apparently loves men as much as her profession; but, it is her body, not yours, and her terms are NOT dictated by other,less secure women who feel it is incumbent upon them to show you more, not less! In my book not only is she in the top ten she is number one. To scoreland's credit, these guys recognize pure class and are willing to accept it for what it is, and do not automatically cater to the lowest denominator.

While there are other clearly more pure porn sites. these sites do not, will not, and obviously can not have the overall quality of women exhibited here. Moreover, all the men here, irrespective of our backgrounds, share a common affectation of what we consider not only to be a beautiful woman but one who is "hot" as well! This is our site. Thank you Scoreland for bringing it to us!
July 29, 2012
One of the most beautiful belly buttons on any woman alive...
June 30, 2012
Whoever gets to bang her is the luckiest mofo in the world. So sexy!
June 22, 2012
I'm just glad that beautiful V-Girl Leanne Crow shows us anything. If I had a choice between no Leanne or Leanne not showing pink, I'd choose the latter every time.