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The world became a better place when Lara Jones decided to bare her super-structure. Many girls have tossed their tops for SCORE. Lara has a pair of the best-looking and biggest tits in over 25 years of SCORE photographing busty ladies. She is also the total package, from her face to her toes. SCORELAND: So you go to the park a lot, what do you do there? Lara: I go to the park and spend the day just enjoying nature. I will take long walks there and enjoy being surrounded by all of the natural beauty. I like to read and listen to the music of the birds. It's relaxing. And sometimes I bike, too. I like to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice. SCORELAND: You are a nature girl.
Featuring: Lara Jones
Date: November 25th, 2017
Duration: 16:21

Member Comments

4 months ago 
get the gurney because I'm a fuckin' dead man.... Unreal is about all I can say. This model runs the table with one hand behind her back. Pure classic and instant legend with ease. So strikingly beautiful it is stupefying. As always I love every inch of the vignette as she always delivers pure visual dreams on very soft and intoxicating terms. However, due to remarkable beauty, I always seem to want a bit more modelling and strutting and showing off while still clothed....I know it's not popular but hey, she's too gorgeous for me to not want a hair more of that. Other than that little item, geez, she absolutely kills every piece she crafts....destined for Hall of Fame. A Siren of the most eclectic and stratospheric proportions....
4 months ago 
Lara is one of the sexiest, comeliest girls that Scoreland has introduced in a long time. She has my vote for Newcomer of the Year.
4 months ago 
sooo hottt

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Lara Jones has been a webcam model but photo modeling is a fresh experience for this newcomer. Lara chats with her photographer in the beginning of this scene and talks about her initiation into big-bust modeling, a completely different experience compared to webcamming. He was, in his words, "speechless" in her presence, and this is a guy who was on the Boob Cruise in 1997 and photographed the superstars for SCORE On Location and XL Girls On Location. Lara was hesitant at first and explains why she decided to model at SCORE. She often hears rude comments about her boobs and that's common on live webcams for many girls, but she knows that SCORELAND is a place for guys who love breasts, the bigger the better. Lara believes we appreciate busty girls and she's right. "I like to play with myself when I am alone at home and feeling horny," Lara said. "It took time for me to do this on-cam. Over time, I felt comfortable being naked, knowing that I was the center of attention and guys loved how I look." What does Lara like to do in her spare time? "I like to go to the park and to clubs with friends and have drinks. I like to workout. I like to ride my bike. I like to drink beer and tequila, too. I like Belgian beer. It's sweeter for girls. I like soft beer more. It's not so harsh. I can be a party girl when I feel like being one. Sometimes in the evening, I go clubbing with my friends. I really like it!" When guys see Lara dancing in a club, they're probably speechless too.
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