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"A few years back, when I was a nine-to-fiver, I used to work at this golf course," said Korina Kova of Canada. "My job was to look good and ride around in the sun on a golf cart, pouring drinks. That was the most-fun job I've ever had..until now." We spotted Korina on Twitter and sent her a link to When we asked Korina if she works out, she answered, "Tomorrow. That's my motto. I have a guilty habit of setting a goal for myself and I do not complete it." Well, Korina's got a fantastic body so whatever she's doing, she's doing it right. Becoming a model was a great decision, not only for her but for guys who love statuesque, big-boobed beauties.
Featuring: Korina Kova
Date: March 10th, 2018
Duration: 13:22

Member Comments

2 months ago 
One of the best bodies I have seen, great ass and beautiful boobs; hope to see more of Korina.
3 months ago 
Another outstanding amazing voluptuous woman has cum our way here at Scoreland !
She is all stacked, and that s a fact ! What a rotund curvy anatomy !
High expectations to see what s cummin next
Another SG Busty Queen. Much kudos !
3 months ago 
Uuh, you're my daydream absolutely! I need to see more of you photos & videos
3 months ago 
Very sexy Curvy Canadian. With Tits And Ass?!?
Can't wait for more ?
3 months ago 
totally on fire....outstanding...the last portion where she lifts and spread those hot as fuck o man, get the gurney and the paddles and refribulate me back to fucking gorgeous it's insane....killer tan lines among other fox
3 months ago 
She may be Canada's greatest export since Crown Royal! Makes me proud to say I'm Canadian!
3 months ago 
Girl-girl video PLEASE!!!
3 months ago 
Girl Girl video with Korina would be amazing.
She is so beautiful..........
3 months ago 
I've always known that Korina is the most beautiful woman in the world and now she's on Scoreland. You can't say no to her perfect body and her beautiful green eyes.
3 months ago 
She's just perfect. Instantly love her, and new favorite :)
3 months ago 
Wow - Korina is terrific! Let's see lot more of her please!
3 months ago 
Great video and what a fantastic model good work scoreland

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