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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Kiko Lee's Happy Ending

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October 10th, 2009
An exotic cocktail of Asian (Okinawa) and Latin, Kiko has exceptionally large areolae, as wide as pancakes. They are close to Cindy Cupps' width. "When a guy meets me and spends any time with me, he almost always stares at my chest," says Kiko. "The edges of my areolae overflow the tops of my bras. Guys want me to massage their bodies with my boobs." Beneath Kiko's jumper is a sexy metallic gold bikini. Kiko is anxious to get her sweet hands on tubesteak and start jerking it good. Private hand parties are one of her specialties. Kiko has very good jerking technique, holding the base with one hand while she strokes with the other hand. Kiko applies finger massaging pressure to his nuts, squeezing them so the cum will blast out like a Saturn rocket. "You came all over those titties," says Kiko. "Titties all milky. Like seeing these titties all milky?" she asks as she rubs the semen on her tits. She holds them up to show that they are dripping with cum. Kiko Lee knows she's a great Happy Ending Girl. So do we. Relief is only a Kiko stroke away. Running Time: 15:27.