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Blonde ultra-bombshell Kelly Christiansen talks about her huge boobs and wonderful bottom, her fucking around with Karen Fisher and what she likes to do at home. Kelly's always happy and accommodating. She stands up to bend over and show that fantastic ass while her tits are falling out of this lingerie thingie she's got on. She talks about what it feels like to see herself in a guy's magazine for the first time and what kind of reaction she got from the man who encouraged her to pose: her husband. Seeing herself having sex in SCORE videos with other guys: what was that like for her? ("It's very weird to watch yourself having sex!") Does she think of herself as a porn star? What does she think of her blow job style? Does she suck her own nipples? How does she rub one out at home? The answers are all in this SCORELAND video called "Boob Talk & Pussy Baitin'.".
Featuring: Kelly Christiansen
Date: January 9th, 2011
Duration: 32:39

Member Comments

1 year ago 
i love that boobs
3 years ago 
Kelly, you are larger than life!
4 years ago 
gorgeous woman big tits Awesome body love her videos.
5 years ago 
Its easy to love a woman who loves her work!
7 years ago 
absolutely amazing!
7 years ago 
The Best Video Ever!!! Please more of then!!!
never have Iseen a woman put together so pefectly.
7 years ago 
Kelly comletely knocked me out, what a sweatheart even I feel even I could talk to her. So sexy and NATURAL. Even score Mag. scored
7 years ago 
Awesome video! Kelly is so friendly and entertaining! More videos like this...
7 years ago 
Wow, more Kelly! I watched the whole 32 minutes and I think I'm in love. The more I see of her the more I think she may be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Sexy, totally charming and an absolute delight. You're going to have to go some to top this one.
7 years ago 
beautiful girl...her boobies and bum are so nice

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