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Like Jayden Prescott, another SCORE Man's wifey, beautiful Kelly Christiansen has fantasized for a long time about being a SCORE model, showing the world her big, beautiful hooters, lush bod and curvy ass, and fulfilling her midnight fantasies on camera. And that's what Kelly does in her first SCORE video, "First Time's A Charm." It's all about Kelly, 100%. The dude in this video is just a male prop, a meat puppet, for Kelly's use. We've had SCORE wives model many times but relatively few go the full nine yards (figuratively speaking). "Honestly, I had no idea what to expect," Kelly said. "I've seen the magazine, so I had a feeling about how I would be posing, but I had no idea about anything else. It's been better than my expectations." Very much the neighbor-next-door, like Kaytee Carter, Kelly enjoys boating, driving, hiking, playing softball and traveling. "I'm an outdoorsy-type. My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door. I don't know if they would expect this from me.
Date: November 6th, 2010
Duration: 22:03

Member Comments

7 years ago 
I would die a happy man after fucking the epitome of sex Kelly Christiansen !
7 years ago 
wooow baby
7 years ago 
stop that horrible plinky plonk music cant hear a word shes saying!
7 years ago 
OMG!!! Ramjet got it right. Just when we thought we found the best one on here...Kelly Christiansen shows up and blows it outta the water. Devastating body is an understatement.
7 years ago 
Great to see a beautiful woman not covered with tatoos!
7 years ago 
Are you kidding me? Kelly Christiansen?? Just when I think you guys have found the ultimate, here comes another one. Beautiful smile, devastating body, friendly attitude, perfect skin. Wow. I do think that she's wearing too much makeup, though. Don't care.
7 years ago 
Great video. What a stunning woman! Hope this is the first of many featuring Kelly.
7 years ago 
Nice bod, too much lip stick though. He did a good job. Does he need a replacement now that he's tired?????
7 years ago 
This new hottie is amazing! Goregous body! Especially amazing sexy big boobs! I hope score brings her back ASAP! LOVED the tittyfuckin, hopefuly they will do with more with her on that. Her boobs were built for tittyfuckin for sure! Bring her back for more scenes!
7 years ago 
this woman is the perfect blonde, hope she gets her own dvd r blu rays oon please

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