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Kaytee Carter is so natural, smooth, comfortable and relaxed in this SCORELAND video that it's amazing to hear her say that it's her very first video. Even in her first two Blog videos, she makes it seem as effortless as someone who's made a dozen videos. "I've never gotten naked like this for anyone!" says Kaytee, a great new discovery for 2010. Whether it's playing at poolside or going into the bedroom to play with a toy, Kaytee will be knocking you out with her all-American babe-next-door T&A appeal. A massage therapist by profession, one of our top ten fantasy jobs for chicks, Kaytee's an action girl who likes camping, shooting, guns, fishing and anything adventurous. She also enjoys clubbing, rooting for the San Diego Chargers, TV crime shows and "surprise" dates. "Dinner, dancing or four-wheeling in the desert. Anything fun. I'm pretty easy to please and I have fun no matter what I'm doing." And get this. Kaytee says that breast men don't chase her.
Featuring: Kaytee Carter
Date: January 31st, 2010
Duration: 11:54

Member Comments

6 years ago 
She's so beautifuk I'm wore out!
7 years ago 
Is this girl slipping away from Score/Voluptuous? What a shame if it's true. Yes, I want XXX b/g from her, too. Where's the video of the pictorial where she had b/g in Score? I would love to see that...and more, more, more. She's the hottest girl on here right now, in my opinion.
7 years ago 
what a truely truely amazing woman, love that sheer white dress on her and those lovely nipples
7 years ago 
wow one word wow
8 years ago 
She's an absolute knock out! Please pair her with a classy girl or guy. OMG she's HOT!!!
8 years ago 
Wow! she's probably the most beautifull girl on voluptuous! A true goddess! kisses, Ilias
8 years ago 
Wow ! Want some XXX.
8 years ago 
Wow... want more !
8 years ago 
Great Rack!

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