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The very beautiful and sensual Katarina Dubrova is ready for the high, hard one. She's dolled herself up (a girl who looks like Katarina only needs a few seconds to do that) and she's put on a sexy outfit for the occasion. It won't stay on very long. She needs to be fully nude and barefoot. Her fuck partner licks her pretty pussy, then gives her his prick to play with, suck, and tit-wank. She gets on top of him to boob-bang and jerk it as she softly coos. She blows him some more, and then climbs on top after her panties are tossed away. Taking his boner in hand, Katarina sticks it up her cozy little coozie as he sucks and kisses her fine, young tits. Then she rides it like a cowgirl. Giving as good as she gets, Katarina is a natural at doing the hump and pump and she needs no enticing to get him to drill her in reverse-cowgirl, from behind and from the side until his load of nut batter launches deep inside her pussy-hole.
Featuring: Katarina Dubrova and David
Date: July 11th, 2014
Duration: 23:49

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1 year ago 
Probably a pretty good day when you get to creampie Katarina.

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Katarina Dubrova has never been a lap dancer but she sure has the looks, big tits and hot body to be one. And she sure knows how to gyrate and move like one. She entertains and teases her one-man audience as he watches Katarina do her thing on a table and on his lap. Her panties are just a string of beads that fit between her pussy lips. She wears black fishnet stockings and black boots Katarina drops her bra so that her boobs hang. She teases him, rubbing her beautiful naturals and sticking her tongue out as he reaches for her. She goes beyond couch dancing and stripping by closing in on him and reaching into his pants for a dick-down right then and there. There are no bouncers walking around to cool their jets. Joining him on the couch, Katarina bends over, still dressed, but with tits out and rubs his bulge. Most strippers would leave it at that but not Katarina. Taking his cock between her hungry lips, Katarina bobs up and down on it, holding his balls and jacking the shaft as she makes that distinctive popping and slurping sound that a fast, hard cock sucking makes. She rubs her pussy as she eats his cock, the beads adding extra pleasure. "You can put it between my breasts," purrs Katarina in her Czech-accented English. "I make you massage," she offers, stretching out the word "massage" and squeezing her flawless hooters. She gets on her back and slaps her boobs together, smiling and waiting for her tits to be fucked. "Oh, yeah," she whispers, her eyes fixed on the cock. Is this any way to give a guy at SCORELAND a lap dance? You bet it is.
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