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It's In Her Jeans

Featuring Katarina Dubrova
Date November 29th, 2008
Duration 24:42
And you thought you were a heavy breather. Katarina takes some very deep and audible inhalations and exhalations as she jiggles, wiggles and juggles her beautifully-formed hooters. She can suck her nipples really good, something that always impresses the hardened breast-man. The girl-next-door (if you live in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, that is), Katarina speaks very little English and our staff speaks no Czech but they do share the language of Boobonics. The other Czech girls who were with us in Hungary (Jana, Karina Hart and Terry Nova) were very helpful in their own way. "I am very proud of my breasts," Katarina said. Later on, Katarina gives her boobs a foot job, something you rarely ever see. Katarina's wholesome-looking pussy is also gorgeous. She has a lightly trimmed thatch, thick and meaty lips and a large clit. You would definitely hit that without a moment's hesitation.

What Members are saying about this update...

December 28, 2015
A star girl and busty legend
October 24, 2015
She reminds me so much of Anne Lockheart from Battlestar Galactica. WOW. I know, shows my geekyness, but I don't care. Keep bringing her back!
June 17, 2014
Wow for a white girl....
September 04, 2013
Impressive! Illusionist said it nicely!
October 01, 2010
I love watching and listening to Katarina give her self an orgasm!
April 22, 2010
i lust for your young,sexy give me an erection every time i see you naked.i want you to come spend one night with me,so i can satisfy my hunger for you.i will keep you naked all night long in my bed and play with your sexy body.i will lick and kiss you all over.i will fuck your big breasts and can play with my penis and suck it real good.i want to cum in your mouth and on your big succulent breasts.i am so horny for you,i cannot stop jacking off when i see your videos.

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