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No. 2: Karina Hart

Featuring Karina Hart
Date June 28th, 2012
Duration 03:30
Until Karina Hart came along in 2008, there had never been anyone like her in the SCORE universe. We'd seen plenty of girls with big, full, heavy tits (although few with breasts as big, firm and beautifully shaped as Karina's H-cups), but what Karina brought to the game was a brickhouse body: those huge naturals on top of a small waist, then a big, round, firm ass any butt-lover could appreciate, leading down to long, strong, shapely legs that you'd love to have wrapped around your back. This Slovakian girl-next-door, a student studying in the Czech Republic when we first met her, has a body that's not supposed to exist in nature, but it does, this one time. For a man who loves curves, Karina is like an impossible dream come true. Karina won 2008 Newcomer of the Year and 2009 Model of the Year. Last year, she was voted one of SCORE's 20 Greatest Naturals. In 2010, she finished a close second to Christy Marks in SCORELAND's "Best of the Decade" for 2000-09. Karina finishing ahead of Christy this time (with presumably the same base of voters) is not odd because the margin between Christy and Karina in "Best of the Decade" was razor-slim. But the most important thing to know about Karina's greatness is that in 2008, we flew our crew halfway around the world from Florida to Hungary to capture her one-and-only boy-girl scene, a scorching tits 'n' tugs in Busty Riding Academy. The DVD is still a best-seller.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 10, 2014
Absolutely perfect! Come to sweden and I'll marry you Karina!
June 11, 2013
August 13, 2012
This stunningly beautiful lady is in a class all her own. I have adored her from the first time I saw her! Karina, I love you!!! From your gorgeous face, curvaceous figure to your mesmerizing accent, you are, and always will be numero uno in my eyes...
July 28, 2012
Beautiful belly button...
July 01, 2012
i want a recount!....this IS florida we're dealing with after all!!...great comment Rob!....in a nutshell (no pun)
June 29, 2012
On the list, Her boobs are rated correctly, but overall, she's not in the top 5!
June 29, 2012
We should be working on cloning her. She's perfect!
June 29, 2012
I agree 100% with CHUCK!!
June 29, 2012
I Agree with Chuck!!
Howlin' Commando
June 29, 2012
I completely agree with Chuck & Shorty ! LDM appears to be the # 1 Girl but is this because she was a Scoreland exculsive model and did put Score on the map ? Karina is # 1 as she has a better set of legs & ass then LDM. By the way, how did Score pick the top 20 ? Missing are Michelle Bond & Joanne Bliss & what happened to Taylor Steele ?