SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Karen Fisher in Big Tit Tune-Up
Karen Fisher has her own customer base at Big Tit Tune-Up. They leave relaxed and happy. And their cars work too. Karen's gorgeous and her body is smokin'. Her large mams have provided many a happy meal for an auto buff. But Johnny Rod doesn't know who Karen Fisher is. He must be living in a cave. He pushes his dead car to Big Tit Tune-Up expecting a cigar-smoking fat guy. He's surprised to see Karen Fisher and, of course, insults her ability as a mechanic because of her gender. She gets his motor running in an instant, to his astonishment. It was just a simple cable disconnect. But his idiotic comments pisses Karen off and you know what they say about angry women. She shows him her bra-supported jugs under her overalls, grabs his hands and places them on her cups. "Do these look like MAN TITS!?" she yells in his face. Johnny actually did the smart thing by insulting her. Now she wants to fuck to prove she's a "real woman" so they screw on the greasy garage floor. Now that's real auto detailing. If you're lucky, maybe Karen Fisher will fix your wagon one day. Running Time: 17:35
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