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My First XXX
It's a big-boob bonanza when Jenna Jayden does her first boy-girl XXX. Her new friend with fuck benefits is pro-cock JMac. Just look at those tits stretching that pink tank-top. They're huge!

A smiling Jenna tells JMac and the director how she likes to have sex. "I like it rough with a lot of ass smacking. Pull my hair to some extent as long as you don't pull it out. I like my boobs played with, sucked on, a little smacked-around. I'm good with all that."

So she likes forceful dudes. That's JMac's cue to get his face and hands on Jenna's big boobs. He then gets the brickhouse blonde on her knees and gives her his prick to suck on and jack. Between blow jobs, he fucks her deep cleavage.

JMac has Jenna stand up, signaled by a smack on her ass cheek. She leans on the dining room table and bends forward from the waist. Holding her tight, JMac gives Jenna a special delivery meat hammer and pounds her hard, just the way she described how she likes it. Their breathing is rapid and heavy and the sound of thighs slapping into hips fills the room.

Another blow job, and Jenna climbs on-board the skin bus, riding and bouncing on top of JMac. Then it's on to one of the hottest and horniest sex positions in the fuck playbook, the pile-driver; girl on her back on the floor, ass up, legs in the air. And there's more high-energy fucking to do. She's a natural at porn-sex the first time out.

Jenna Jayden has got all the right moves.
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