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Janne Hollan works at a car dealership and has done well at her job. To further her career, she'll be heading back to school soon. Janne will make an excellent coed especially if she wears skirts and tops like the ones she is wearing in this pictorial and video. She's every inch a bra-killer. We're not saying this is the secret of Janne's success in the car business but in these competitive, difficult times, every asset on a girl's list of qualifications sure can help. We'd buy a used Yugo from Janne. Not that she sells them. Janne's fleshy, curvy body is the stuff of voluptuous dreams. "I fantasize about sex and I think I have a good imagination." Wholesome-looking Janne doesn't seem the type to do anything too offbeat. "I have no fetishes like other women I know.
Featuring: Janne Hollan
Date: September 9th, 2013
Duration: 15:07

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3 years ago 
Wow, those eyes are gorgeous!
4 years ago 
Wow what a cutie!!
4 years ago 
Janne is a beautiful model.
4 years ago 
Sure would love to see her in a boy/girl scene soon.
4 years ago 
Janne is so pretty and sexy looking, her body is incredible, her tits are amazing and capped off with perfect nipples, love her ass and plush midsection, I am sure that sweet pussy must be incredible too, please show us a lot more of this beauty

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Janne Hollan toils as a customer service rep for a car manufacturer but her true calling is busty modeling, something she really excels at. Janne is voluptuously busty and proud of it. "I like to dress provocatively," Janne says. "I like to wear short skirts and tops that show big cleavage. Men are always staring at me when I dress in that way and I like that. But I do not like it when men only stare at my breasts. I enjoy that but I also like a man to look at my other qualities and want to get to know me as a woman." Janne likes men who take care of themselves. "I like when a man is older than me. I love types like George Clooney and Richard Gere; confident, sure of themselves, and nice men." There's something else that's American that Janne really likes. "I love big cars and big trucks," says Janne. No Smart Car or Fiat for this Prague blonde. "My dream car is a Hummer." Janne should relocate to the States because no gas-guzzling Hummer can navigate well down those narrow Prague streets. "I like cooking and baking. I love traveling and discovering new things and meeting new people. I like all types of dance and I've tried pole dancing. I don't watch a lot of sports but sometimes I watch ice hockey. I go to the gym a few times a week and I skate when I have the time." This is Janne's first SCORELAND video. She looks in some ways like a Czech version of Renee Ross, depending on the angle she's in. Show Janne some love and comment after you watch her show.
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