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Our last guest from New York City was Nancy Navarro who'd experienced a late breast-growth spurt and graciously visited again to show us all. Now meet a new New Yorker, Janessa Loren, a brunette secretary with all-natural 34Gs. Janessa said she developed at age eleven and she reached her current size at fourteen. Like most Voluptuous and SCORE models, Janessa has trouble finding bras that fit her. She can wear a 34DDD to a 34G. "It all depends on who makes it," says Janessa. Janessa won't dress to show off her chest in public (not surprising for a woman who lives in crowded New York). She low-keys it, so you won't see her walking around New York in tank-tops or low-cut sweaters with bulging cleavage mounds. But you'll see her considerable assets in this video and in her first hardcore scene on January 10th. .
Featuring: Janessa Loren
Date: January 1st, 2014
Duration: 22:55

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4 years ago 
Janessa is a gorgeous, very sexy woman. Great update to start the new year. Can't wait for her hardcore scene

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Janessa Loren - XXX Big Tits video
Jan 25
Janessa Loren
  17:27 Mins.
Deep Cleavage Woman
Janessa Loren is normally a lusty, horny woman and in this new XXX scene, she's even lustier and hotter for a man's mouth on her nipples and his stiffie inside her pussy. Every nipple-suck and nipple-tweak her date makes gets Janessa more and more excited. She wants equal attention paid to each nipple and lets him know it. Janessa is a woman who knows what she wants. The recent arrival to Voluptuous is blessed with an absolutely awesome pair of extra-bright headlights and a butt that begs for spanking. Janessa is a magnet for tit-lovers and she knows it. "Most of these guys are boob guys. They don't need directions or introductions. I don't have to tell them to play with my boobs or suck them. They just do it! I have been tit-fucked. Not many times, but guys love to play around with them, and if a guy wants to put his cock between my tits, that's fine with me. It's fun!" Surprising, because you'd guess that every guy she meets would be eager to slip his salami between her high-rising hills. Watch as Janessa goes wild on this dude's prick. She shoves her chest at him with her arms behind her back and drives her lady-bumps into his chest. Watch how Janessa sucks his cock. She cups his balls with her hand and sucks his prick hands-free. The tit-fucking is just as heated. Getting it on with Janessa is an event. It's no wonder that the brunette bra-killer drives the male population of New York City crazy. But don't blame Janessa's hot tits for the global warming problem!
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