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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Hooter Haze

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January 1st, 2009
Since Isis Haze is debuting in Holiday '08 SCORE magazine, a matching video in SCORE Theater provides the full, multi-media experience. (The Net's great, ain't it?) A dancer from Wisconsin, discovered by a Boob Cruise veteran who walked into a titty club, Isis is the biggest-breasted girl in her club. A SCORE interviewer boob-chatted with Isis so we could all learn more about her and there's sure a lot to learn. Isis seems very proud of her tits. There's nothing more pleasing than a girl who's big-busted and proud. She has a very beautiful body, overall. Isis also has a special "winking" talent she shows off later in the video. You'll see what that is around nine minutes in. As this video rolls, you'll see how breast-oriented Isis is. With all the boob tricks she knows, we see a good candidate for a future episode of SCOREtv. You'll definitely love what Isis does with a bottle of oil. Since this is her very first time, she's interested in what you guys think so send your comments to Running Time: 16:53.