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Boob Talk

Featuring: Ingrid Swenson
Date: October 30th, 2017
Duration: 31:06
What does America need more of? Do we need more doctors and engineers? More cab drivers, stock brokers and computer programmers? No. We don't need them. What we really need more of are hot, stacked babes who will drop their bras and show their stuff for the camera. That's all. Everybody else can stay the fuck where they are. And that brings us to Ingrid Swenson, a SCORE WILF. Ingrid moved to the States and knew she had a great deal to contribute to our lives, unlike these dime-a-dozen nuclear physicists elbowing aside the really worthwhile people, like busty sexbomb blondes. Ingrid settled in trendy South Beach, a good place for a hot chick to live and share her anatomy. The beaches, the bikinis, the sun. Miami has everything a horny mature woman could want.

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December 03, 2017
the text of this post is so right on...whether it was Dave or Elliot who wrote it, it is so on point. We will never need anymore self important big wig shmucks around, we got them in spades. But we can never get enough stop the earth huge titted glamourous babes that are as free as this lovely. I was drawn in by the way hot outfit, which I love... she then did some killer modelling and movements a la slight nod to stripper moves.... shedding those hot pants and hot.... at 23min, she throws me my face, laid back legs up spread wide....pure nirvana babe, thanks.....some quality "her" time and I am all fired up....but it is the outfit that I super love....I personally want more of the beginning of all vignettes to show how truly insanely mind bendingly gorgeous the models of TSG are in hot outfits and their clothing of choice...model and seduce us with their incredible hotness.....but that's me...either way, gorgeous scene.

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