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New model Ingrid Swenson spoke to SCORE editor Dave in a Boob Talk video interview and strip-off, and their meeting more than warmed the green-eyed blonde up. This is a key job function of all SCORE editors. And now prepared, the meat-puppet is wheeled in to service the chesty, shapely Miami Beach babe in the follow-up, "How Busty Blondes Get More Cum." For this scene, Ingrid has worn quick-release clothing, the kind escape artists wear, to avoid fumbling with pesky buttons and zippers. She's totally naked in a flash, disposing of her miniskirt with a quick flick of a leg, and lays back to be de-pantied and digitized by the cock-prop. Ingrid gets up to kneel before him and slurp the staff, woodenizing him so she can get fucked on top, on her back and sideways. Urging her sex-date to bust his nut on her tits. Ingrid's words have the desired effect and she gets a combo facial and boobal splash. She should be proud of her powers. She'll be seen on newsstands worldwide in May '11 SCORE, on-sale in February. Welcome to the Big Show, Ingrid Swenson.
Date: December 11th, 2010
Duration: 16:00

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7 years ago 
sehr schön
7 years ago 
Well, what do you know, another scandinavian beauty. I'd give her about a 9 on a scale of 1 to Kelly Christiansen (9.99). Great body, overall very striking. She seems very charismatic and personable in the interview, but in the other video she seemed somewhat blase. I don't think she smiled once. Kelly Christiansen is so charming in her work, and actually acts as if she is enjoying herself. Many of your girls could take a lesson from her.

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