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Holly Wood in a black cat suit is like a stacked, booty-esque version of Mrs. Peel from The Avengers, Cat Woman and Black Widow from Marvel's The Avengers. We chatted up Holly, one of the Bunny Girls from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Carson City, Nevada.

SCORELAND: Holly, so tell us, what did you do before deciding to become a Bunny Girl?

Holly: I've done all kinds of things. I stripped for years. But I did actual shows at people's homes and businesses. I am not a fan of working in strip clubs so I got to connect with more people and the money was great! I managed a call center for years while I danced on the weekends. Then I started my own limousine service and ran that for five years. I wear many hats!

SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names?

Holly: Nope!

SCORELAND: Which SCORE models would you like to meet face-to-face?

Holly: Dolly Fox, Sheridan Love and Katie Thornton are my top three! They are so… Read More »
Featuring: Holly Wood
Date: September 25th, 2016
Duration: 15:56

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Please get one of your most beautiful women with your best male talent, JMac.
1 year ago 
Thank you SO much for the love and compliments!!! I love reading them and hearing your input!
1 year ago 
Easily one of the most gorgeous and sexy women here. A scene with JMac would be amazing>
1 year ago 
Holly, we love the same Score models - Dolly, Sheridan and Katie! Let's have a 5-some!
1 year ago 
Even more stunning in black

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