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Hitomi's Guide To Bras

Featuring: Hitomi
Date: September 3rd, 2017
Duration: 19:43
Hitomi brought a suitcase that was filled with bras and lingerie. Models don't travel light, especially when they're shooting. The number of guys who would happily lug this gorgeous babe's suitcases would take a super-computer to calculate. Hitomi trying on a few of her big bras is only one of the things she does in this scene. Does Hitomi sleep with a bra or without? "I sleep without a bra." How often does Hitomi spank it? "Sometimes I don't masturbate for a whole week. But sometimes I do it three times a day, four times a week. I use a vibrator but not a hard one." What's the wildest thing Hitomi has ever done sexually in her personal life? "In my personal life..I had sex with my boyfriend in front of my friend on the same bed." .

What Members are saying about this update...

November 14, 2017
More Hitomi please ! She is one of a kind, so unique.
Always naughty and ridiculously sexy in every inch of her amazing anatomy and pretty face. So gorgeous and captivating !
I also adore her little curvy ass and her shapely legs.
And just hearing you talk Hitomi .. makes me cum..
So horny.. Cum back soon !
September 17, 2017
Keep talking Hitomi ! So hott! U make me so horny with your unique anatomy, your pretty smiling face and your SEXY voice & accent..
I love it Hitomi ! The more u talk to us, the better !
And please cum back with your cock-shaped dildos ! and make them squirt all over you !
September 11, 2017
Scoreland... Hitomi and newcomer Shara Lopez will be epic!

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