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Tera's Lesson

Featuring Gianna Rossi and Tera Cox
Date September 13th, 2009
Duration 30:45
Gianna is about to enjoy an afternoon screwing when Tera Cox interrupts. Gianna tells her dude to go outside for a second so she can talk to Tera. Tera feels she lacks self-confidence. Gianna decides to build up Tera's self-confidence by teaching her all about fucking and sucking. She calls back her dude and they both teach Tera a lesson in breast-sex, very nasty talking and boiling hot fucking. Gianna is like a Pied Piper of porn, luring Tera down a road of carnal pleasure, using her smutty mouth and persuasive talents instead of a flute fucking. After Gianna has molded her, Tera's a certified man-pleaser! The sex is so flammable, we advise you not to light any matches while you watch it! Running Time: 30:45.

What Members are saying about this update...

February 14, 2014
A true star that burned out too quickly. If this girl had a site that was regularly updated I would STILL be a member after all these years
December 15, 2012
her body is amazing i love her dicke titten..
June 21, 2011
Fucking pledges!!!
May 20, 2011
I would have Gianna talk dirty to me whilst Tera dances and
plays with her tits and pleases my imaginary Kingdom
that I
March 13, 2011
I love you
January 22, 2011
Gianna may be the most completely "sexual" woman alive; but Tera is amazing too. Being with the two of them at the same time - WOW, what a way to go!!
November 21, 2010
Great scene! Gianna is definitely one of the best!
October 19, 2010
love this fucking scene. too bad i did not sorioty sisters like tna and gianni when i pledged
March 17, 2010
My dream is to fuck Gianna and Tera in the same time
March 14, 2010
Everyone can learn something from Gianna.

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