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Bounce Baby Bounce!

Date: March 8th, 2009
Duration: 26:25
Gabriella Michaels is out for a run. Her heavy hooters have a bouncing life of their own despite Gabriella's sports bra under a tight top. The heat and humidity get to her so she accepts a ride from V-Man Ashley instead of walking home. He asks her to bounce for him for a ride and she does, so the boob-hound takes that as a promising sign. Gabriella invites Ashley inside where they get cozy. He asks if he can play with her jugs. She's happy to accomodate him and he encourages her to lick her nipple. He begins licking and sucking her tits which gets her pussy good and wet for his upcoming love-tool. Once her bra has been dropped below her breasts, he has Gabriella twirl and bounce them. She's found someone who drools over her big 'uns.

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April 24, 2010
Awesome scene. What's better than a big titty girl jogging. I think this girl is the shiz. The taller they are the closer the boobs are to your hot. She's very womanly. Her face,body, and voice. How about making some more scenes with her?

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