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Dick For A Debutante

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September 7th, 2013
Peaches and cream-skinned Felicia Clover was fucked for the first time on-camera in this scene and it was a black cock that had the honor of first penetration into her pink, sweet pussy. Wearing a tight, low-cut orange tube dress that hugs every curve of her amazing figure, Felicia turns around on the couch they are sharing and sticks her ass in the air. Her new fuck-friend, a dude who has banged a host of luminaries such as Brittany O'Neil, Shyla Shy and many others, is in awe of this whooty-hottie and multiple V-mag covergirl (November '13, May '13). He undresses her and enjoys Felicia's ass show. She even spreads her butt-cheeks apart so he can lick her ass-hole before she takes his cock in her mouth and orally worships it. For a 20-year-old, Felicia sure knows a lot about sucking and fucking cock and really bounces hard on it. She works that ass like crazy, her tush-cheeks making loud thump-thump sounds as it moves up and down, driving the pole deep into her. This redhead's sex drive is super-charged. Fantastic!