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If you look up the words seductress and man-pleaser in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of supersexy brunette Eva Notty. She's been in the SCORELAND Top Twenty Rated Babes of the Model Directory since her debut in the Eva Notty Special of June , 2009 and she's leading the race in the Model of the Year 2010 contest. This is Eva's first SCORE video in a year. The southwestern hottie's return to SCORELAND was a special request by the editors, a holiday wish fulfilled. Even ol' Santa Claus was mowed down by Eva's considerable charms in the SCOREtv Holiday Edition. Yes, Eva Notty has the magic. A girl either has it or she doesn't and Eva has it by the truckload. In her new video, "Bikini Busting Beauty And An Ocean View," Eva, her swimsuit barely restraining her assets, waits at a swanky poolside retreat for the proper attention that a girl like her deserves. Who could take their eyes off her beautiful face and sexy 34F tits? A tall girl at 5'9", she's even more spectacular when she wears her six-inch fuck-me heels. A man should spend a lot of time on Eva's tits before working his way down to her pussy.
Featuring: Eva Notty and Sergio
Date: January 22nd, 2011
Duration: 22:14

Member Comments

4 years ago 
If she was mine I would never get tired of her she,s definitely a keeper boy it would be the best titty fucking ever
5 years ago 
i want cum by boob fucking
7 years ago 
Wow, stunning, just stunning ..... In the perfect world every girl would look like her!
7 years ago 
EVA she's beautiful
7 years ago 
hot d'or pour Eva elle est sublime
7 years ago 
uh er..
I Love you !
7 years ago 
i wish i had a girlfriend like that
7 years ago 
Thank you, Eva!
7 years ago 
Pitty you do not do this clip on DVD!
7 years ago 
Eva is the ultimate busty babe. Score should have new Eva video every month.
7 years ago 
Eva is the total package. She is livin' proof that was married to a boy!!!!!! Eva just as beautiful as you are....
7 years ago 
Eva is a absolutely beautiful woman, she has such a pretty face, a incredible body with perfect tits, she is stunning, please keep more of this beauty cuming.
7 years ago 
Thank you all so much I truly adore all of my fans.
Passionate Kisses,
7 years ago 
She makes me want to go to the beach in that video.
Go to the beach with her.
Just amazing.
7 years ago 
thank you
7 years ago 
I would love to get naughty with Notty.
7 years ago 
with her eye contact and her blowjobs, she is the best model on scoreland.
Period. Please keep these vids coming.
7 years ago 
Simply sensational. I'm a huge Eva fan, and this is her best scene yet.
7 years ago 
Eva Naughty is so hot, it should be against the law.
7 years ago 
That has got 2b one of the best vids I have EVA seen, by one the hottest xxx stars I have ever seen!!
7 years ago 
Whats with the condom? Beautiful girl.
7 years ago 
Wow! Just amazing! It is a privilege to watch a woman as beautiful as Eva having unbridled sex in such an idealistic setting. I absolutely loved the cunnilingus scene, although it was unrealistically short. If that was me, it would have taken a crowbar to pry me loose. I love how Eva's skin glistens in the humid, outdoor, South Florida environment. I also enjoyed how the condom was incorporated in an erotic fashion. This is as good a boy/girl video as I've seen on the Score sites.
7 years ago 
Eva you are absolutely incredible, beautiful, great boobs, sexy!!!
7 years ago 
Wow!!! Eva is so incredibly hot! I just love her so much, she is the best at a fuck video! I just love the way she gives the blow job and tit fucks she is wonderful more of her please!
7 years ago 
Damn she looks good in this video. One of the best bikini bodies I've ever seen.

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