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SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

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Emily Cartwright - Solo Big Tits video
August 12th, 2007
"I feel a kind of loyalty towards SCORE Group," says Emily Cartwright (August '07 Voluptuous). They've treated me very nicely indeed and I love the photo sets they've published. I was excited to be the centerfold in the magazine. I'm loving it. It has brought me a lot of attention." It wasn't planned but Emily and another Brit hunny Mellie D. have both appeared in the same months in V-Mag, January and August '07. The two have since met in person. "I've recently become excellent friends with Mellie D. We both have the same sort of chemistry and a bosom buddies appeal for each other. I am very bisexual. I find men attractive, although I do have a slight preference for women. Busty women. In bed, I tend to follow a man's directions. I love having my tits fucked. I like to watch a lot of porn and I really enjoy seeing the man explode all over the girl's big boobs. Sometimes I like to have sex watching porn. I love doing it doggie-style while I watch a porn video. I do think about whether guys will be interested in seeing a girl continue to model nude by herself once she does hardcore. Do they lose interest once they have seen her having sex with a man? This is a question I have been thinking about a lot since my modeling career has picked up speed. Do any of your members have an opinion about this?" .