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Elle Flynn is going to handcuff you. Then she's going to fuck you, suck the cum out of your balls and rub it all over her heavy, natural tits. Elle decided to become a bordello babe at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada near Las Vegas after checking out an ad. "I like to pull a cock out of my dripping wet pussy and lick the shaft, balls and taint clean," Elle told us. "That keeps it rock hard while I'm getting pounded all night. And when I really like someone I make him a mean omelette." It's not all about worshipping the cock for Elle. "I love kissing and when I'm getting bitten on the neck just right, I'm in ecstasy. Getting a foot massage is a very intimate way to show affection for me." What else is in Elle's bag of tricks besides handcuffs? .
Featuring: Elle Flynn
Date: February 5th, 2017
Duration: 09:12

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1 year ago 
videographers seem to be liking the up close pussy shots to see more full body breast shots.............not a fan of the up close pussy shot, not for too long anyway

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Elle Flynn - XXX Big Tits video
Feb 22
Elle Flynn
  23:26 Mins.
Those big crazy tits in the shower belong to Miss Elle Flynn and she's getting all soapy and breastfully clean for her bedroom date with hard cock. Elle pays extra-attention to her pointy nipples. What can be said? The girl is blessed. The shower is still running but Elle has backed into a corner to rub a quick one out while the water is still running. Horny girl! A fast finger is not nearly enough to satisfy Miss Flynn's daily orgasm requirements. She towels off, changes into a sexy black negligee and goes off to the bedroom for action. Waiting for Elle is her booty-call fling. The first thing Elle does is straddle him so she can rub her tits up and down his body. His junk gets extra rubs. Elle enjoys the feel of a cock on her soft, pliable knockers. Elle moves up and brings her cans to his head. "Suck on those nipples," she says. The room fills with the sounds of nipples being noisily sucked on and Elle's moans of pleasure. Her nipples are very sensitive. Moving back to his package, Elle engulfs his tube-steak between her big boobs and massages it. She lowers her head to suck on the tip also. The squishy sound of breasts wanking cock gets them worked up. Elle boob-fucks his shaft some more, then sucks it from the side before kneeling and tit-banging him again. She really likes the man-meat between those squeezable breasts. Rocky asks her if she's ready to fuck. "Yes, please fuck me," Elle replies, now heated up to the point of no return. Squatting over his rod, she takes it in her hand and puts it inside her. Watch Elle work it. This babelicious babe really enjoys fucking and being caught on-camera while riding adds even more excitement to her SCORELAND experience.
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