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Born in Las Vegas, raised in Sarasota, Florida and living in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Starr's first job was as a cashier in a McDonald's drive-through window. Fortunately for the mega-boobed, mega-sex universe, Elizabeth became an exotic dancer, which led to a transition to magazine model and eventually a big-tit sex star and a producer/director. You've seen her on TV in a slew of shows: Jenny Jones, Sons of Anarchy, Howard Stern, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and many more. Her super-slim and super stacked showgirl body literally stops traffic. "Starr Power" is the first hardcore SCORE scene Elizabeth has made in years and her display of mega-boob power is off the charts in this vid, and her personalized, manpleaser style of ultra-hot, mattress-burning sexuality, and nasty-girl sex talk and screaming, is something other adult stars should study if they want to raise their own heat levels up several notches. "I have always enjoyed my work both performing and directing. I try to draw my audience into the moment with me," Elizabeth commented in a SCORELAND Blog post in March, 2010 about her career. And draw them in, she does. Shot mainly in P.O.V. style, this wild scene puts you in the driver's side, taking Elizabeth for a dirty ride and getting off on her mega-tits and tight pussy-hole.
Featuring: Elizabeth Starr and Seth Dickens
Date: July 25th, 2011
Duration: 21:54

Member Comments

3 years ago 
i am so glad this came out on is classic and always a goto. This model just puts the bomb in sexbomb...she lives up to and delivers the super show. It just kicks into high gear fantasy right quick. Her squealing, fuck talk and all her physical movements are so crazy hot. Her beautiful face is so well complemented by her gargantuan tits and sweet sweet pussy...the scene always gets me and delivers a certain fantasy punch with a style of model I totally like to swirl around in my mind and imagination.
3 years ago 
4 years ago 
I'm a fan since the 90s and its great to see a new scene. She's amazing and I hope to see some more new scenes.
4 years ago 
Anyone else think she looks like venera?
6 years ago 
OMG! I LOVE Elizabeth Starr! I've been a big fan for a long time, and it's so nice to finally see her in Score. I've told her this before, and I mean this in the nicest way, but she is such a fucking SLUT!!! She really knows how to make your balls boil.
6 years ago 
love this girl
6 years ago 
6 years ago 
omg more more, she is the hotest pornstar i hav ever seen!
6 years ago 
I love you!
6 years ago 
She looks better than ever. And she is hot and sexy. What a nice change.
6 years ago 
OUT F'n STANDING !!!!!! MORE, gives us MORE
6 years ago 
Hi Guys! Wink, Wink.... Thank you for all the sexy sweet things you have said about me :) Grrrr. It's nice to know a few Men & Women out there enjoy a seasoned woman...Lot's of Kisses, Eliz....PS: Check me out in Tits & Tug on Score Videos & in the Jan 2012 Issue of Score Magazine!
6 years ago 
Please do continue to do more videos with this Goddess she got better and juicer plus very sexy. Love her huge breast wish she was my neighbor! Maybe a video of her being the neighbor next door and the young man looks over the fence and she is sunning outside naked with just her heels on all oiled up. Then you guys at score take it from there.
Mike (West Texas)
6 years ago 
Oh God, if you could get her to do a Tits and Tugs that would
be the greatest thing ever
6 years ago 
get more fast and i will never leave. I LOVE HER NEW LOOK.
6 years ago 
Yesssssss!!!!!!!! She's back and hotter than ever. Get Ms. Starr and Summer Cummings to do a lesbian scene and tits and tugs.
6 years ago 
The reason why I rejoined....more please!!!
6 years ago 
Incredible! So glad to finally see her do hardcore with those great new boobs. Now we just need to get Summer Cummings on here!
6 years ago 
Amazing, more of Starr.
6 years ago 
Oh could make a statue are soooo hot.

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