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Fresh! New! Huge Naturals!

Featuring Elaina Gregory
Date December 5th, 2010
Duration 24:07
Elaina Gregory is the kind of tank-top stretcher we live for here. And when we find them, or when they find us, and they pose, it's enough to declare a SCORELAND holiday. Massive 34N cups that are firm, packed and jutting out proudly. And the rest of her is heavenly too! Editor Dave sits with Elaina for more than just an interview. It's never just an interview the way we do them. It's a learning experience, inch by tender inch. A former ROTC and army veteran, Elaina almost considered a reduction, which would have changed the course of our lives so thank heavens she didn't do it and learned to love her breastly gifts. "I didn't do it because I knew that I wasn't done growing and that if I got them reduced, that there was a chance that they would get big again. And so I didn't and now that I have served my time in the army, they will actually pay for me to have a reduction, but I won't do that now because now I love my tits." Welcome to the Big Show Elaina! We love 'em too! Roll the video!

What Members are saying about this update...

Mam man
September 29, 2014
Her husband is a lucky man.
July 14, 2011
Making such a poor video with such a hot girl is a shame
December 24, 2010
Awesome woman but mediocre video, how come they dont upload the other great videos of her?
December 12, 2010
Nice girl. Nice jugs. Hope to see more of her.
December 11, 2010
This woman is a work of art. absolutely lovely face, perfectly rubenesque body, completely sweet personality. Something particularly special about her. She deserves better than this mediocre segment.
December 11, 2010
great looking lady..great body......very poor video.
thick meat
December 10, 2010
10 sec of skin . . . you got 2 b kidding!
What a waste of time!
December 08, 2010
What a waste of time !!!!!
December 07, 2010
WTF SCORELAND, i was expecting great things from this video
December 06, 2010
Okay, seriously. These have got to be some of the greatest
tits I've ever seen!! She really seems like an awesome
woman too. It's always fun to see women in porn who are
total "girlfriend material" like this. You can respect them
and jack off to them at the same time!

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