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Those of you who love girls with British accents will want to turn up the volume. Our new blonde babydoll boobmate Dolly Delight has a lovely speaking voice. Even if she was hidden behind a screen, Dolly has the kind of voice that delights a hard man. If only more girls would put a banana in their mouths the way Dolly does in the beginning of this video.... Lunchtime would be so much more exciting. From the tips of her toes to her pierced pussy to the tips of her nips, Dolly is a living doll and that's the name of this video, "Living Doll." "I typically go for very girly, quite glamorous looks," says Dolly. "I'm not really a stylish, chic type of girl. I'm the kind of girl who likes to wear a little, short skirt and a tight tube like I'm wearing now, and I always wear heels; even for shopping. I usually have heels on all the time. And pink! I love pink!" So do we, Dolly, so thanks for sharing. Miss Delight talks the talk while her fingers walk the walk inside and around her… Read More »
Featuring: Dolly Delight
Date: December 22nd, 2011
Duration: 16:45

Member Comments

3 years ago 
Oh Dolly you are so beautiful and sexy that you make me rock hard when you talk so dirty. I watch you over and over and dream about inserting my love tool in your sweet honey pot and blowing a big load. I also like that you keep your opened toed shoes on during your entire video. Keep it up and please do more video's. A new and devoted fan
6 years ago 
I really loved this girl, very hot face, boobs, legs, all! Hope to see more of her videos SOON!!!
6 years ago 
thanks for the awesome vid I just love Dolly's accent, it just makes me hard, I hope we can see more of her
6 years ago 
This video is spellbinding! Dolly deserves the award for most creative use of spit strings. This is the kind of girl that makes guys jizz in their pants.
6 years ago 
i love the barbie doll look. girls with pretty faces, big tits
and blonde hair. dolly is gorgeous.

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Well-rounded Brit bouncer Dolly Delight from Bristol, England joined SCORE on location in Jamaica and you can guess how much attention she got at the airports. (If you were on any Boob Cruises or saw the videos, you already know.) She has the classic SCORE magazine showgirl body: slim 'n' extra-extra stacked and that super-girly Barbie doll look. She would be the perfect contestant in iced wet t-shirt competitions. Dolly loves the look and the attention it brings her. The SCORE Theater video "Dolly Delight Duz Montego Bay" will show you every inch of that soft and pink doll-ness. She is a living doll in every way. Dolly's also a singer in a band and travels the world entertaining in hotels and other locations. "We performed at the Dubai Marine Resort Hotel in Damira for six months. It's a big, five-star luxury hotel, and it was beautiful. It was a really good experience, and I had fun as well. That's probably the most exciting thing I've done with my singing. Me and the other girls in the group had little, sexy bra tops. Little, short skirts. The guys obviously loved it. There was a table by my side of the stage, and it always got pre-booked because the guys all wanted to stare at me 'cause when we did 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner and did some spinning, it used to make my skirt go up like in the movie Dirty Dancing, and the guys liked to look up my skirt. Of course, they liked to watch my boobs bounce in my little bra, too. I don't think it mattered how I sang to them!" Give yourself some props, Dolly, and welcome to The Big Show at SCORE.
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