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Denise arrives to audition for a recording contract. She has aspirations as a country-western singer and let us tell you, she's got some pair of talents on her. Denise has not a clue that these horny record company sleazes have a potion that give them the telekinetic power to pop a girl's blouse open. That's why they've decided to audition all these hot, big-titted girls. But this is no audition. They're just calling it that. This is a cock training seminar for bra-busting girls. Denise shows up at the office of Tony Baloney and starts her audition but then kooky things start happening and before long, Denise is under the spell of weird science, riding the shiny cock express to stardom. It's no surprise that Denise Derringer is one of SCORE's most popular centerfolds. She puts out 200% and is not shy about opening up her butt for super-hot anal action.
Date: November 2nd, 2008
Duration: 27:40

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Denise, I am still furiously stroking my cock for you everyday!!! Let's FUCK, FUCK, and FUCK!!!
2 years ago 
I love scoreland models with huge round tits. Denise Derringer has tits like Summer Cummings, Dolly Fox and Desiree Vega.
7 years ago 
Out of all the Score girls ...Denise Derringer is the hottest. Ok well maybe she's tied with a dozen or so others. Alena Snow, Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan, Merilyn,
hey Scoreland where can I apply for a job?
: )

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