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Dawn's Bahama Vacation

Featuring: Dawn Stone
Date: March 7th, 2016
Duration: 30:20
Before Dawn Stone from North Carolina went on the 4th Boob Cruise in 1998, she and a veteran SCORE photographer traveled to The Bahamas in May, 1997 for this now-Classic video, little-seen in years. It opens with Dawn in her hotel room bed talking in her sexy, country girl voice about what her plans are for the trip. She tosses off her tank-top to show her spectacular body (this was filmed before Dawn super-sized her boobs) and dresses in another tank and island-style skirt to visit the local shops and vendors. Dawn heads to the pool area of her hotel wearing a silver bikini that had tourists' heads spinning. After a few minutes in the whirlpool, Dawn leaves for the beach. They managed to find a deserted beach so Dawn could bare all for her cameraman. That was not easy but they had good luck finding this secluded span of shore. Later at the hotel, Dawn showers and shaves her legs and cookie. After her busy day, a good, healthy cum is what Dawn wants so she gets into bed naked and makes herself feel good with fingers and B.O.B., her battery-operated-boyfriend. The show closes with Dawn catching her flight back to the States.

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March 29, 2016
this is very cool. the guided voyeur aspect and real life walkabout are super enjoyable...for me at least. The real life angle is different and not for everyone but I like its authenticity....the bazar walk is very cool and the little skirt lift pussy flash is the fun of public spontaneity..... the the pool shots and deserted beach, it's late 90's....things were different then, mystery, imagination and delayed gratification were still a part of life....but i digress...a classic scene and beauty.
March 17, 2016
She's been and remain the absolutely best model on Score. What's she doing now?

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