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Daphne Rosen is the only girl in Tits-A-Poppin' who's not auditioning for a record contract. She's into one-on-one and bouncing balls. She likes dribbling..on wood. It's a once in a lifetime experience to play basketball with her. First of all, each hooter is nearly bigger than the ball. Secondly, you can enjoy the sheer spectacle of her jiggling, shaking, bouncing boobs as she fights for the ball. Third, how many times do you get to see a girl as big-boobed as Daphne shooting hoops? While the average woman would strap on a sports bra or two, Daphne thankfully wears a one-piece tank dress just to push the experience over the top. Pike uses the secret liquid to obtain the tits-a-poppin' power. He's found the perfect subject in Daphne. After exposing her boobs telekinetically a few times, they lock loins and fuck away right on the basketball court under the sky.
Featuring: Daphne Rosen and Big Pike
Date: November 16th, 2008
Duration: 16:06

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7 years ago 
Daphne is a special performer. She has a remarkable body: big and round, yet firm and athletic. I love her tongue, I get aroused just watching her lick her lips. She also has a great capacity to be slutty and sweet at the same time. Daphne, my respects to you!

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How many of you guys have wrapped a pair of giant tits in plastic cling film? Most of us haven't, so this scene starring breast-sex star Daphne Rosen offered some handy tips on how to do that. Her stunt-cock buddy Tony had never wrapped up tits either so it's a learning experience for everybody. This is usually a fetish practice that bondage and discipline freaks do without sex and it usually restrains the arms. Daphne seems to have had this done before. After spinning slowly around naked in high heels so Tony can wrap things up, Daphne had a transparent cling film dress that she dare not walk down the street in. Now that their wrapping party has wrapped, we can get to the main events, like fucking Daphne's tits as she kneels on the floor. Oiling Daphne's mega-tits, something that's very much appreciated, is next on the to-do list. Now that the private party games have run their course, they move on to what turns Daphne into a fuck-slut...pussy and ass drilling. This is when Daphne totally transforms into a filthy-talking, nasty cock-whore, begging for a balls-deep ramming. And even though Daphne is an anal-sex star, her brown-eye is very tight. Tony has to shoehorn his long pork-pipe into her butt-hole. She's a real tight fit. "A tight-ass fucking hole," Daphne calls it as Tony jams most of his cock up her tail-pipe while she furiously masturbates her clit. She demands he stick "every fucking inch" in her ass.
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